1st Aurora Forum

Next Generation Vector Supercomputer

1st Aurora Forum

NEC unveils the details of the next-generation vector supercomputer SX-Aurora TSUBASA, which is a successor system to the latest model SX-ACE. This brand-new system is slated for its product release in 2017. In order to make available both high sustained performance and productivity, NEC develops an innovative vector processor offering the world's highest memory bandwidth per processor. It is built into a standard PCIe card as Vector Engine, which allows the user to capitalize on a high sustained performance for a spectrum of applications in the de facto standard x86/Linux environment. There is no need to struggle for special programming techniques in harnessing its processing capabilities. This card device enables easy programming in standard Fortran/C/C++ languages, for which the NEC compiler will automatically carry out vectorization and parallelization. The user can benefit from a higher sustained performance with minimum effort by utilizing the Vector Engine hardware.

NEC also exhibits SX-Aurora TSUBASA at SC17. The booth number is 1517.

Event Details

November 13, 2017(Mon) 2p.m. ~ 4p.m. (Registration from 1:45p.m.)

Embassy Suites by Hilton Denver Downtown Convention Center
1420 Stout Street, Denver, Colorado, 80202, USA
Facility Information

NEC Corporation

This is an event to introduce the neogenesis vector supercomputer Project Aurora.

11/13(Mon) @Hilton Criple Creek 2
13:45-14:00 Registration
14:00-14:05 Welcome
14:05-14:15 SX-Aurora TSUBASA Concept
14:15-14:40 SX-Aurora TSUBASA Hardware architecture
14:40-14:55 SX-Aurora TSUBASA Software environment
14:55-15:00 Break
15:00-15:15 Application performance
15:15-15:30 Vector programming
15:30-15:45 SX-Aurora TSUBASA Product
15:45-16:00 TBD