Structural Analysis, CFD and EMF


Application Overview

CalculiX is an open source software for finite element analysis.

It was developed by a team of employees at MTU Aero Engines, a German aviation engine manufacturer.

You can perform engineering calculations such as structural analysis, strength analysis, heat transfer analysis, and coupled analysis.

It has been developed to be compatible with the Abaqus input file format (INP), a well-known finite element analysis software.


  • Model building and computational processing for small aircraft such as jet engines
  • Falling Impact Analysis of equipment
  • Evaluation of warpage and stress due to thermal stress on electronic circuit boards, etc.
  • Prediction of Fatigue Life of Brazed Parts
  • Its design simulation can be used for modeling and analysis of various types of structures, and is used in architecture, manufacturing, and material development.

About the SX-Aurora TSUBASA version of CalculiX ("CalculiX for Aurora")

  • We have incorporated our NLC (Numeric Library Collection) HeteroSolver and SBLAS into the CalculiX solver
  • The implemented solver is available for Static analysis, Dynamic analysis, Thermal analysis and so on
  • In this public version, it is possible to build a working environment using PrePoMax* as a pre-post processing tool
  • This “CalculiX for Aurora” version is the result of joint research with Professor Ryoichi Shibata of Gifu National College of Technology. In addition, Industry Supercomputer Promotion Center (ISCPC) cooperated with us in accelerating and creating a tool (builder) for building the usage environment

About PrePoMax

PrePoMax is a free structural analysis tool available exclusively for Windows that incorporates the traditionally highly evaluated open source "structural analysis CAE solver" called "CalculiX" and it is also extremely easy to use, approaching the level of commercial CAE.


The Aurora version of CalculiX uses a hybrid calculation model that combines VH and VE, which is one of the features of SX-Aurora TSUBASA.

We performed calculation in VH for those operations which are not suitable for vectorization such as pre-processing and post-processing parts of CalculiX, and embedded our NLC (Numerical Library Collection) HeteroSolver (direct method) and SBLAS (iterative method (CG method)) in the analysis solver to execute them in VE.

By this method, we achieved high speed calculation.

Comparing to the original SPOOLES solver on Xeon server, the analysis calculation is approximately 5 times faster for piston-stress static analysis and about 8 times faster for Contact Analysis of Nail Joints in Wooden Construction.

Source Code:                                    How to build an Aurora version of CalculiX and download the source code
Supplementary materials(JPN): AboutNecSXAT (How to build environment for CalculiX for Aurora)
SW type:                                            OSS (Free software)

Super Matrix Solver


  • Super Matrix Solver is a collection of libraries originally developed by VINAS designed to solve simultaneous linear equations. It can be incorporated into numerical analysis applications in various fields.
  • “Super Matrix Solver-BEM” for dense matrices and “Super Matrix Solver-MF” for sparse matrices was tuned for vector processors. This library provides quick and stable solution for various simultaneous linear equations.


  • Super Matrix Solver-BEM … to solve simultaneous linear equations formulated and discretized by boundary element method. Applicable in fields such as wave propagation analysis, ground vibration analysis, acoustic problem analysis, electromagnetic field analysis, etc.
  • Super Matrix Solver-MF … to solve simultaneous linear equations discretized by methods such as finite element, finite volume and finite difference. Applicable in fields such as structure analysis, fluid analysis, electromagnetic field analysis, etc.


  • Realizes High-speed computation because solving simultaneous linear equations mostly consists of matrix operations, which high performance of SX-Aurora TSUBASA contributes. Significant time saving can be achieved specifically for dense matrices.
  • Shared memory parallelization with OpenMP is built in.
  • Computational time can be reduced to approximately maximum 1/15 compared to Xeon CPUs.

Developer:      VINAS Co., Ltd
Source Code: Super Matrix Solver
                          Super Matrix Solver-BEM
                          Super Matrix Solver-MF
SW type:         ISV software (Paid software)